Autumn Seascapes’ Sorrow


Everyone knows that the seasons are each 3 months long, but on what date does each season start?  As the very wise are very fond of saying, that depends.  Some think that the autumnal equinox, (September 23rd), is mid-autumn.  In the UK we think that autumn begins on September 22nd ~ except when we use the easy methodology which says that autumn is the months of September, October, and November.  Back in the day autumn began when there was the first tinting of oak and beech leaves.  All I know is that it’s autumn in England now.

This is what the sea outside my front door looks like in autumn.


Dawn looking south-east

As it goes, whatever date you choose we are now about half-way through Autumn, (or Fall as our American cousins would have it).  It’s cool in England now, and on some days there is very little wind.


Sunrise of a glorious day

If you are lucky enough to live right on the coast of England, autumn produces some spectacular views.


light on the rocks

At times the autumn sea is like a winter mirror.  It’s then a pleasure to go down to the place I pray.  Some other days I wouldn’t venture onto the seafront walks at all ~ it’s too damn dangerous.  On a good day the sea helps me to dream in sorrow.


Dreams and Seascapes

Haunting music of the wind

wave counterpointed, pink sky echoed

Frames the seascape bowl with solitary figure walking

Against a world struggling, changing

but ever the same


words and pictures by jack collier

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