Very confused male.


  1. Never smile at a crocodile ~ (or the hot woman sitting alone at the end of a hotel bar after midnight).
  2. Do not lie to the office dragon ~ (and don’t even think about lying to your woman, because you will not get away with it).
  3. Never say; ‘It’s OK, I’ve got it covered.’
  4. Never trust anyone who puts ‘Of course…’ at the beginning of a promise, or ‘Trust me…’ at the end.
  5. Never draw to an inside straight ~ (almost never).
  6. Never date a woman who has posted pictures of her tits on twitter.
  7. Do not toss a coin to decide if you are ever going to see her again ~ you will cheat and then she will rip your still beating heart from your chest.
  8. Remember that with a woman a win ~ win situation means that she will win and you won’t.
  9. Never date a slut and expect that she will change her ways ~ you will find out that your hopes were in error, and it will hurt.
  10. Remember that your dog will love you forever, but you wouldn’t want to be seen with her in public.

Obviously I have broken all of the above rules, some of them more than once.  I have also broken rule 13 ~ Never have an affair with a junior co-worker.


Spritually confused Inigo Montoya


Spiritually confused dog

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