Jack Collier Is Unwell


I am afraid that Jack Collier is unwell and is taking a little time out.


jack collier is temporarily unavailable.

There are some things it is better for a man not to know.

Jack has had a disturbing half-hour surfing the internet and needs a little time to regain his right mind.  It seems that his current persona is far too naive, innocent, trusting, guileless, credulous and unsuspecting for real life.   Jack is unused to some of the things people post on their websites and is suffering from having had an unpleasant shock.  Why do women post tit shots?  After a reality check I am certain that Jack Collier will be back,  providing he thinks the game is worth the candle.

Nothing is worth this pain in my heart.

A kiss

from a tainted heart

is transient

Normal Service Will Most Likely Be Resumed As Soon As Possible.

3 responses

  1. I am getting to seriously not like that chair, Mr Collier 😦


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am getting to seriously not like people, apart from you,


  2. Keep your sense of humor. Remember that no one is getting out of this alive. Enjoy.

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