Spirituality ~ Reincarnation In This Life


Until recently I knew a little about only one type of reincarnation ~ the rebirth of a spirit and soul in a new body.  Now I know about another, a new spirit and soul in an existing body.  How do I know?  Because it has happened to me, in one way or another.

I melted into the dream as if I had always been there.  I knew where I had come from, I knew where I was going. ~ Chelsie Shakespeare

Chelsie Shakespeare is the author of The Pull, being notable for being quotable.

I haven’t died, physically I’m mostly unchanged ~ although I’m seriously considering shaving off this mustache, were it not for the fact that all of the identification documents carry a picture of ‘me’ with the facial hair.  I think I may be standing a little straighter to make up of the total lack of confidence I feel.

I still have some / most / all of the memories I had before this happened.  In truth, I believe that some things may have been lost.  I find that I’m struggling to find words that I should know.  For example, I knew that I wanted to use the word ‘Reincarnation’ in this post, but I had to find an email in which I knew I’d used it before I knew what the word was.  I got lost in my own apartment building, and aren’t locks and keys wonderful things.   I even clean my teeth differently.

Fine, but that’s pretty trivial.  Externally I’m pretty much the ‘old’ me ~ I checked photographs.  Internally, no I’m bloody well not who I used to be.  How can I tell?  Because, as I said, I still have the memories of the ‘old’ me.  I am not the person who created those memories.  It makes for some very strange dreams.  It makes for some unpleasant realisations.  It does not make me feel that I have been given a chance to start all over again.

The thing I feel the most is confusion, followed by despair, followed by a feeling that I may leave this apartment and go someplace new ~ someplace where nobody knows my name.

It seems pointless my trying to explain who I am now.  To begin with, I have no idea.  Secondly, I’m very wary of exploring my own psyche again.  I think that’s where it started.  That, and the Laws of Physics tell me that anything is possible.  The trouble is that probability theory and the laws of physics say that anything is possible.  There is also the potential for metempsychosis, (and, where did that thought come from?).

Everyone carries around a myriad of maps in their head, sometimes these are called cognitive maps.  These aren’t much like an A to Z street guide, except they are.  They aren’t much like the manual that comes with your car, or the fat book of instructions you get with your washing machine, except they are.  They aren’t much like the latest ‘autobiography’ of a major celebrity, except they are.  When these maps are grossly wrong we may become a sociopath, psychopath, or detach from reality completely.

The eyes of a psychopath will deceive and destroy you.  They will take from you your innocence, pride, and eventually your soul.  These eyes do not see what you and I can see.  These are the eyes of a psychopath. ~ Dr. Samuel Loomis

Dr. Samuel James Loomis is a fictional character in the Halloween film series.

These maps tell us how things are, how things should be, and how we need to act in every possible situation.  Without these cognitive maps we are infants who don’t even know which way is up ~ really, I’m not joking.  These maps sit in the brain in a very complicated way that I think only the people in white coats understand.

The snag is ~ most of the time our maps are wrong, sometimes very wrong.  What is worse is that it is unbelievably painful to change one’s internal map.  It is so painful that it almost never happens.  Faced with obvious and irrefutable evidence that one of our maps is wrong we have three choices;

  1. Denial.  Our brain refuses to accept that one of it’s principal programs is wrong.  We pretend nothing is wrong at all.  Denial means that we react to the world in an inappropriate manner, sometimes in a grossly inappropriate manner.
  2. Acceptance.  We change our map and adapt to the new reality.  This almost never happens.
  3. Bargaining.  We try and change the world to fit our map.  This happens more often than not.

As an example, take a newly married couple and consider the new husband.  He will have a map of what a new bride should be like, how she should act in all aspects of her behaviour, how he and she should interact, and of course his map is very wrong.  It’s been built on how his parents behaved, on all the books he’s read and all the TV and Cinema he’s ever seen, so of course it’s wrong.  When his new wife fails to match with his map on a one to one basis he will be confused and unhappy.

Our man has the 3 choices given above.  So which does he choose?  If he is of a weak character he will go into denial and he has already stopped living in any meaningful sense of the word.  If he is made of sterner stuff he will try and make his new wife fit his internal map.  That is never going to work, divorce will ensue eventually.  What are the chances that he will change his internal map to better fit with reality?  None Whatsoever.

What if you launch on a voyage of self-discovery and explore your deepest innermost psyche?  What if when you do that you come to believe that all of your internal maps are not just wrong, but wholly and totally wrong?  What if you are unable to cope with that realisation?  The answer is cognitive dissonance.

If you throw away almost all of your maps it’s like having an empty house.  No furniture, no people, no nothing.  Maybe just one empty chair.


there is nothing more alone than a single, empty, chair

What is left behind is not the same man who created all of those beautifully detailed, bitter, twisted, amoral, vile maps that were so riddled with defects as to be worse than useless.  What is left behind is both less and more than what was.  What is left behind is an empty chair.

It may be a lot like being reincarnated into your own body.

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  4. I call this “reprogramming” and found it to be the ultimate in transforming my life! I’m in the midst of writing a “program” to help people “reprogram” their previous thought patterns and revamp their life. I know, it’s been done before, but just like everyone else, I feel I have something new to bring to the table. 🙂 Enjoy your new life!


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