Spiritual Retreat

Seems that I will not be around for a couple of weeks.


Empty Chair, Empty Mind

Nor will I be checking for messages.

As my mind is as empty as the chair, there is no point in anyone trying to contact me.


4 responses

  1. Oh yes, things can go really pear shaped, even in a spiritual retreat. I was hoping for a little enlightenment and serenity. What I achieved was a monumental cock-up. Ah well, I’ll try normality for a little while ~ as soon as I can figure out what is normal anyway. JC7


  2. You ok Mr Collier? Don’t be too long in retreat!


    1. My spiritual retreat has ended in failure. I will be out and about from Monday September 15th.


      1. Can a retreat end in failure? What wefe you hoping to achieve?


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