Women Are No Good At Engineering


No women instinctively know which way to turn a nut to loosen it when it’s upside down.  No women can instinctively throw, catch, or hit a ball with a bat.  Women can learn these skills, but they will always be a learned skill.  Women have no need to throw anything except crockery at their guy, and even then they will miss.  Women have more important things to do than play cricket.  Any woman who does play cricket would rather they were a boy anyhow.


the fact she has learned to throw a ball is incidental

Equality of the sexes is an artificial construct.  The sexes are not equal.  Women own the one thing which drives all male behaviour.  Men are made to serve women.  Most men will do anything to please the woman he loves.  Most women could care less.  Women think it’s pleasing and flattering if a man desires them, but all women will soon become irritated if a man carries that desire too far into mindless devotion.  One step beyond that and she will slap a restraining order on the poor sap.

From far back beyond time, women expected men to provide for their needs.  At the cost of their own lives men would go out and kill something dangerous so everyone could have meat for dinner.  At the cost of ridicule and sanity, men would go out and invent the aeroplane, steam power, or the cotton gin.  In return, women will offer very a very temporary illusion of love.

The only thing a woman can love is her child.  Sometimes a man will fulfill the role of her child, but even if she doesn’t birth a child of her own, that dependent role played by her partner will eventually cloy and become annoying.

Women do not like men who want to kiss them.  A slobbering guy all over her face and a wet tongue at the back of her throat is not something any woman wants, unless she is a practicing alcoholic.  Women do not like men who want to have sex with them, for some reason almost no woman likes penetrative sex.  Women do not like possessive men.  Women do not like diffident men.  At one level women just do not like men.

Men are a dangerous other world for women.  Women do not understand men.  Why would a guy want to spend a year in the garage rebuilding a sports car?  Why would a guy not want to go to a party?  Why would a guy want to watch all the TV channels at the same time?  Why would a guy instinctively know where the sun comes up?

Why do men never want to talk?

The part of the female brain that is filled with communication skills is used in the male brain for spatial awareness.  Men can only speak because they hijack odd bits of their brain that are not doing anything better at the time.  Communication skills in men is one dimensional at best.  Men would just as soon say nothing at all as chat about nothing at all.

What men are very good at is mechanics, hydrostatics and sound.  No woman could have codified classical mechanics in the way Isaac Newton described the laws of motion and gravitation.  In all honesty, no woman would give a damn.  Women can sing, in fact almost all women can sing, whereas most men couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.  Singing is holistic, men are not good at the holistic nature of emotion.  Men who can sing are rare, their brains are atypical.  What men are good at is keeping time, female drummers are as rare as hen’s teeth.  Beethoven is about timing, not melody. Evelyn Glennie is an exception that proves the rule that women can’t do percussion.

Men naturally see the relationships between time and space.  Men instinctively know what size a nut and bolt is, without having to check.  Men can see the flight of an arrow, the trajectory of a ball, and how to get home.  Most women can’t read a map.

Map reading uses skills most women don’t know exists.  Orienting the map with the territory is a huge leap of faith.  Believing that north on the map is the same as north on the ground is something that more than half of all women are incapable of.  Knowing which way to turn a nut, upside down, in the dark, at arms-length is a faculty that no women have.  Women resort to righty-tighty, lefty loosely.

Meanwhile men are baffled by interpersonal relationships, conversation, and caring.

There is no need for women to learn mechanical engineering.

There is no need for men to bother with caring skills.

Women do not need to know what a/f means, or UNF, or how far a furlong is.

It’s very noticeable that cookery books use measures like ‘a cup’.  What the smeg is a cup?  Women know and men don’t.


oddly, women don’t think this is fun

A majority of women can’t tell left from right.  A majority of men are baffled when women are angry with them.  No women  know where North is.  No men understand babies.  No woman thinks it’s fun when the car breaks down.

Nuts turn counterclockwise to loosen them, unless it’s a left hand thread.  Steel is straw coloured at 500 degrees fahrenheit and 1000 degrees at lowest visible red.  Complete combustion is blue, whereas the hottest fire without forced ventilation is white.

No woman cares about that, unless she sublimates her femininity.

There is no right and no wrong, there are only differences.

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