Go The Extra Mile


the-extra-mileThe extra mile isn’t a crowded place, there are no traffic queues along the extra mile, the extra mile is the road less traveled.  Going the extra mile means doing more and better than anyone should reasonably expect.  Those who give more and better than is expected of them will, sooner or later, receive compound interest on their investment.  The people you meet along that extra mile will share your need to achieve excellence in everything you do.  The people traveling the extra mile may not know exactly where they are going, or even exactly how to get there, but like you they are willing to learn along the way.  The extra mile is the hard mile, it’s the mile you get to after all of your competitors and rivals have given up.  The extra mile is the one which will win you more and better of whatever it is that you want and need, be it; business success, sporting achievement, intellectual satisfaction, love, friendship, sex, self-esteem, or self-actualisation.

Ice-Cold-in-Alex-9117_2The extra mile is the longest mile of all, it will require some extra effort from us, and we may suffer some deprivation and hardship along the way.  There will be temporary strains on our lives, we may not immediately attain the material benefits others think are essential to life in a modern society.  Our co-workers, friends, family, and even our significant other may criticise, ridicule and denigrate us and our goals.  Sometimes we will be beset with self-doubt and will need to dig deep to keep on keeping on.  But, will it pay off in the end?  Look around you at the most successful people you can think of and the answer is obvious.  Those who have achieved excellence have all traveled that extra mile.

There is one hard lesson that all men need to learn before we can achieve the kind of excellence that doing everything we do, both better, and for longer than our competition, will give us.  That lesson is how to delay gratification.  Delayed gratification is not natural to boys.  Boys want what they want and they want it right now!  If we have a chocolate cookie, we want to eat it, and we want to eat it now!  If some girl is constantly playing hard to get, then most guys will be tempted to look for an easier conquest.  The below-average guy will merely go into a bar to find a woman who is out to get laid at the end of the night.  Chances are that if he succeeds he won’t ever want to see that girl again.   What the below average guy has done is passed up a chance to have something interesting and long-lasting with the girl he really wants for instant gratification with a one-night stand.

albert-einsteinGoing the extra mile is often about endurance and sheer bloody-minded persistence.  What the extra mile is not about is having a try, try, and try again attitude.  Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  The odds always are that if you do what you did before, you will get what you got before ~ or didn’t get.  Going the extra mile means having the mental acuity to realise that what you are doing isn’t working, and having the strength and flexibility to hang in there and try something else, something novel, something different.  If you get knocked down, get up again, and do something different to whatever it was that got you kicked in the teeth.  But, and this is really what going the extra mile is all about, bloody well get up again.

The very Laws of Physics ensures that whatever you do will bring you some sort of result, usually the same kind of thing that you did in the first place.  Chances are if you act with kindness, then you will receive kindness.  Or, if you act unprofessionally, then you will be treated as though were a waste of space.  To benefit from this, the real man must always do the most and the very best that he is capable of.  And, he has to do that regardless of whether he expects to receive immediate compensation for his actions.  The real man must be prepared to cast his bread upon the waters, and then see what comes back to him in due course.

stripperMen should not expect to get an unexpected benefit from what they do.  Honest, manly men will do the best they are capable of, no matter what.  Dishonest and lazy, below-average guys will always look to get something for nothing, or to get as much as possible for doing as little as possible.  If you go into a bar, get surly and poor service, the drinks are watered, and you are ripped-off when you pay your bill, are you likely to ever return to that dump?  Probably not, unless there is a hidden attraction that means you are getting some sort of instant gratification from slumming it.  If that’s the case, you are probably acting like a fool.

If you have gone that extra mile, if you always go that extra mile, then what you can reasonably expect is that the people you deal with will also go that extra mile for you.  If you are a constant over-achiever at work, if you more than meet all your targets, if your co-workers like and respect you, then you should expect the people you work for to recognise your value.  What the people you work for should be doing is going the extra mile for you with some tangible compensation, even if it’s only the salesperson of the year trophy.  If you put in everything and get nothing in return, then walk away and do something different.

vampire_cherryIt’s the same with interpersonal relationships.  If you are always going the extra mile for your significant other, and you get nothing in return, then do something different.  Walk away and find a woman who will appreciate that you go the extra mile for her.  There are no points for sticking with a vampire.

The bottom line is; Smart people always deliver more than the customer has any right to expect.

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