have you ever been in love?


have you ever wondered if today would have been a good day to stay in bed?

have you ever replayed her words over again and again inside your head?

have you ever wondered just why she lied, when she foolishly denied?

have you never cried, wondering  just why a little of you died?

and then Leo Sayer sings ~ have you ever been in love?



please listen to all the lyrics responsibly





the coming stillness at dawn



dawn at last

and in that moment it was

as though all of time had frozen


P1040574words and pictures by jack collier






clear virginal aurora

the sun kisses the morning

in dawn embrace


winwords and pictures by jack collier



Money Advice


Money ~ we all have the same problems.  How to get money, how to get more money, and what do we do with it when we’ve got some money?  Trust me on this one ~ MONEY IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT.

My best guess is that most of the people who read my blog don’t have 30 years in the money trade, or have a Masters in Finance, and another in Banking, along with a shed-load of other qualifications, so we’ll start working on 1.01 Money.  (If you are a money expert, please feel free to comment, and disagree with whatever I say, but you better be damn right or I will make you look stupid.)

Money by itself is worthless.  Money only has value by the nature of the things you can do with it.  And mostly you can do 3 things with money.

  1. Money as a medium of exchange.  Money is an intermediate in the exchange of goods or services.  You go to work for money, and then you swap the money for the stuff you actually want and need.  You don’t want the money, you want what the money can get for you.
  2. Money as a measure of value.  The amount of money you have determines what you can get for your money.  If you have a lot of $ or £ or whatever, you can get a lot of stuff.  We know how much stuff we can get because everything is conveniently priced in money.  The value of your time is also measured in money.  (there is a price for everthing, up to and including sex)
  3. Money as a store of value.  Instead of buying more and more stuff you don’t need right now, you just keep money in expectation that you can buy the stuff you need at sometime in the in future.

Money is a piss poor very bad store of value, especially right now.  Just how bad depends on how you warehouse your money.  The worst store of value is lending money to a friend, at 0% interest, on the expectation that you will get it back.  Next worst is actual cash, then various types of bank accounts, and then managed funds and so forth…

ALL Money Loses Value Over Time.  Thinking that your money will be worth just as much, or more, in the future is the biggest confidence trick that Governments and the Finance Industry have ever pulled.  However you keep your money, from cash to in your pension fund / 401(k), the amount of stuff you could have bought with the money you have put in, over time, will be a hell of a lot more than the stuff you can actually buy when you eventually come to take it out.

Why Store Value In Money?  So, why bother with a pension / 401(k) / managed fund?  Why not just buy stuff right now, and keep it for when you need it?  There are a couple of reasons:

  • Security.  Unless your money is in a very dodgy bank, the chances are it will still be there when you need it to exchange for stuff.  You can’t really say the same for anything much else, including the value of your home.  (Insurance is another topic, for a future date.)
  • Liquidity.  You need some money that’s easily got at.  So, what if everything you own, every last penny save for the few dollars in your purse, is invested in your home?  The snag is, what if you need money next Monday?  Money is very liquid, while all other assets have lower degrees of liquidity.  In general terms, the less liquid your assets, the more likely they are to increase in value over time.

So what does that mean to the poor working stiff?

  1. Don’t have a lot of cash on hand, or a lot of money in the bank.
  2. Have some cash, some assets you can confidently sell in a few days ~ without having to have a fire sale.  Also have some long-term secure assets, and here, property has traditionally been the best long-term way to hold your wealth.
  3. Do not ever pay for financial advice.  (up to and including from me.)

Please also read my post Money.  Feel free to comment or ask questions.

Next Monday’s post will be about some ways the average working stiff can make their money really work for them ~ instead of the other way around.


Cincinnati Kidjack collier

email;  jackcollier7@talktalk.net


Tesla and Baked Alaska


Electric automobiles have been around since the 19th century, Englishman Thomas Parker built the first production electric car in 1884.  The land speed record was held by en electric car until 1900.   Not much has changed since The Electric Construction Corporation’s car to today’s Tesla.  (Nikola Tesla was a Serbian physicist.)

ALL electric cars have 5 main systems;

  1. electric carThe Vehicle.  Since the early days this has standardised around 4 wheels, a chassis, and something to keep the rain off.  The modern Tesla is maybe better looking and a hell of a lot more sophisticated than a 19th century dog-cart.
  2. The Electric Motors.  These convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, (and nowadays they also convert mechanical energy back into electrical energy via braking regeneration).  Again these are far, far better and more sophisticated than they were in Victorian England, but the basic principle hasn’t changed at all.  Electric motors as used in cars have one huge advantage over the internal combustion engine ~ massive torque at low rpm, so no separate gearbox is needed.
  3. The Control System.  Modern methods of controlling the amount of electricity that gets to and from the electric motor / dynamo are light years ahead of how it used to be done, which was basically a variable resistor.  The Tesla has computerised Intelligent Motor controllers.
  4. teslafireThe Batteries.  This is the Achilles Heel of electric cars.  Batteries are bulky, heavy, expensive, can burst into flame, and have a limited life.  Early electric cars had a lot of damn heavy lead-acid batteries, of exactly the same type as a normal car has at the heart of it’s electrical systems.  The Tesla uses a hell of a lot of lithium-ion batteries, of exactly the same type that powers your mobile phone and laptop / tablet…
  5. The Power Source.  Electricity doesn’t appear for free out of thin air, it has to be generated from a primary energy source.  For pure electric cars, like the Tesla Model S, this means plugging them into mains electricity to charge the onboard batteries.  Hybrid cars also have an onboard internal combustion electricity generator. (Which makes one wonder why all the batteries and other complicated stuff?  Why not just connect the petrol engine directly to the wheels?  Oh, we’ve done that, it’s called a normal car.)

The Weak Point of any electric car is battery life.  This comes in 2 flavours;

  • Range.  How far can one drive on one battery charge?  The Tesla Model S is supposed to do either 230 miles, or 320 miles, on one charge.  (Depending on how big a battery you’ve bought.)  That’s assuming a constant 55mph, (and that you’re not killing the A/C).  Also, charging a battery at a normal plug in socket will take 30 hours.  In normal, everyday, long-distance motoring, that’s as much use a cell phone in a lifeboat, in the middle of the Atlantic ~ no damn use at all.
  • Total Battery Life.  How long will the vastly expensive lithium-ion battery pack last before it’s only so much junk?  All batteries have a finite life, so how long will the battery in a Tesla last?  If you drive it every day, then my guess is performance will start to fall off, (a lot), after 4 or 5 years.  Total usable life?  I have no real idea.  Hey, I know the theory of making baked Alaska, but any real attempt by me would be just embarrassing.  (If you want to be an expert start with Arrhenius’ Law.)

poppies-lupineTesla make great looking, technologically advanced cars, with one huge flaw ~ all batteries eventually die, even sophisticated rechargable batteries die eventually.  One day the battery pack in your Tesla will reach the end of its usable life.  But the Tesla is a fashionable throw-away product, made for fashionable throwaway people.  (It’s also very unethical and environmentally damaging.  Recycling lithium-ion batteries is damn difficult.  You get toxic waste, not wildflowers.)

I would drive an electric car, if I had to.  I would not choose any electric car for a cool road trip.  The Tesla is very sexy looking, but it’s got no soul.  For the price of a Tesla, I could buy a really cool car instead.






Scenes on Sunday # 7

‘scape pictures.  Seascapes, cloudscapes, landscapes, cityscapes, roadscapes….

All the pictures were taken with a compact LUMIX Panasonic DMC-AS3 camera.  This camera is so lightweight, small, and smart it’s brilliant for taking along on roadtrips, for long hikes into the mountains, or just for stuffing into your purse.  These shots are of the Integratron and environs, Joshua Tree, California..












liebster-12pictures by jack collier

& the lovely girl riding shotgun



passionate eyes captivate

erotic hazel eyes


her first glance hard and erotic

for just a second all-consuming

lashes softly fluttered and exotic

then lowered inviting and enticing

she is available and sexually hypnotic

watching, wanting, taking, possessing,


blueeyespictures from cosmetics pages

words by jack collier





August 19, 2016- Not So Weak Anymore

I don’t often relog other’s posts. But this resonated very strongly with me.



You began with a physical journey, a departure of some kind. This wont resonate with everyone, but it is more so in reference to yesterday or a few days prior. Either way, you’ve recently ventured to somewhere else, whether it is familiar to you or not.

Presently you’re finding that all of your hard work is slowly being realized. Again, some of you may find that it’s happening a lot sooner, maybe even today. It make sense, since this reading is for today. If this doesn’t apply to you, Six of Wands is a bearer of good news anyway, so you’re probably at least expecting some.

All that you go through today will leave you with just a little bit more self control than you had before, and a lot more self reliance. You’ll have great inner vision as well, meaning you’ll package up every task in an aesthetically sublime…

View original post 47 more words

how fear came

Lost Weekend


Now this is the law of the jungle ~

as old and as true as the sky;

And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper,

but the wolf that shall break it must die.


As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk

the Law runneth forward and back ~

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,

and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.


Rudyard Kipling

Black Dogjackcollier7@talktalk.net



Lotus Elan M100


Shocking, Cool, Hot, Surprising, Sexy, Lotus.

This car was a leap into the unknown and only a dynamic English small-volume sports and racing car company could have come up with this unique little package.  (Well, maybe Honda or Suzuki could have come up with something similar.)

The first thing you need to know about the M100 series Lotus Elan is that it’s front-wheel drive.  Front wheel drive is an anathema to sports car enthusiasts.  The engine in this Elan came out an Isuzu van, and the whole project was financed by General Motors.  Front wheel drive isn’t ideal in a very fast car ~ torque steer, bump steer, lift-off oversteer, steering kickback, lack of traction….  to name a few problems.

The quickest point to point car available.  ~  Autocar Magazine

Real drivers will tell you that the M100 Lotus Elan remains the best driving front-wheel drive car ever made, bar none.

Almost all the 1,588 cc dohc 16 valve engines were turobcharged.  Power from the turbocharged engine comes in at a very healthy 165 bhp, and 148 ft/lbs of torque, driving through a 5 speed gearbox, and this little car weighs just about a tonne, (1,020 kilos).  Flat out this Elan should almost touch 140 mph.

Like almost all Lotus, it’s a pretty fibreglass body over a steel backbone chassis, but this time there’s a clever ‘floating’ subframe to carry the engine, gearbox, and front suspension.


It’s rare. less than 5,000 built in all, (including about 800 which were built and sold by Kia).

It’s cool, and it’s cute, and it’s fairly practical, which makes it a great girl’s car.  It’s also quirky, clever in engineering terms, and it’s bloody fast, which means that a real man would look good owning one of these things.  Even though it’s a bit metrosexual the M100 Elan qualifies as a very cool car.  Also, unlike many Lotus products, you don’t have to be a contortionist to get in and out of this Elan.

If you can find one, you can buy a decent M100 Elan for £ 5,000.  But beware, it’s a Lotus, so it will go wrong and bits will fall off.  And, if the backbone chassis is rusted or damanged, expect a lot of heartache and expense.

Any car which holds together for more than a race is too heavy.  ~  Colin Chapman

But, and here’s the thing, the M100 was supposed to be a high-volume product, and GM / Lotus spent about $100 million developing this little Elan.  This is a strong, tough, well thought out, sexy little car.  Would I own one?  Would I use this Elan for a transcontinental road trip?  In a New York Second I would.





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