Tunes on Tuesday ~ Leave Your Hat On

Sex is an unholy mixture of voyeurism, exhibitionism, and narcissism.

Some people think this video is erotic and sexy.


Perhaps, if you’re a schoolboy, or a guy who’s never grown up ~

or an exhibitionist who likes taking her clothes off for the camera.

It’s still a cool song.

jack collier

Both Bogart and Bergman looked good in a hat

Haunted By The Past

It’s always the ones with the dirty hands that point the fingers.

My friend is threatening to write a blog post about me.

As it goes I’m pretty happy about that.

I’ve only done one thing in the past that I’m ashamed of.   I asked a not very attractive woman to sit somewhere else, when she snuggled up to me at a work night out.  I am still very ashamed of that.

I’ve never had first date sex, or picked up a woman at at bar, nor physically, mentally, or psychologically hurt a woman on purpose.

In a relationship I don’t cheat, lie, or take advantage of a woman’s money.

I don’t go out with younger women and fuck them like an animal.

I spend a stupid amount of money taking my friend to places like New Mexico.

So, anything my friend wants to write about me I am more than happy to hear.


jack collier

I even give my friend money when we go to gambling joints

Living Alone

Sometimes I need to go to karaoke.  Sometimes I need to be a slut.  ~  Jackie Chan

There are some rules for guys living alone.  These are not guidelines nor suggestions, they are rules to keep you safe.

  • Keep your place clean and tidy at all times.
  • Change your bed linen every week, and your pillow cases twice a week.
  • Get washed and shaved every day.  You are not Don Johnson.
  • Buy only upmarket clothes.  If the price tag doesn’t hurt you are slumming it.
  • Never let a woman into your place.  And FFS never give her a key.  Keep the door locked and barred at all times
  • Never have a relationship with a woman who wants first date sex.  Never have first date sex.  If she will fuck you on a first date she’s a slut.
  • Any woman who routinely does karaoke is a slut. Karaoke is only for the sad exhibitionist.
  • If she’s sitting alone, at the end of the bar, obviously wanting to be picked up, she’s a slut.
  • Do not date a slut just for casual sex.
  • If her past is a minefield you can’t talk about, then think twice before taking her on vacation.
  • If you have to pay for everything on vacation, then you’re paying for a whore.
  • If she doesn’t have sex with you on a vacation that you’ve paid for, then you’re paying for a lying and cheating whore
  • If she thinks her past is something she doesn’t wants to talk about walk away.
  • If her past is something she wants to talk about, then walk away.  It’s guilt.
  • If she is married, and fucks you like an animal, she’s a lying whore.  Just walk away.
  • If she never pays for anything she’s a whore.  Just walk away.
  • If she has ever had a relationship with a younger man, just for animal sex, she’s a very immoral whore, walk away.
  • If she has posted nude and tit / pussy pictures on the the internet, she’s a slut, just end it now.  Any woman who posts herself on the internet is a slut.

Living alone makes a guy an easy target for some women.  Especially if you are fucking quite rich.  I have enough money to do whatever I like, whenever I like.  And, I’m a cool Renaissance Man, living a great life.  Some women like that.

If that all that bad shit sounds familiar, you are in the wrong relationship.

Trust me.  I’ve been there.  I am still there

jack collier


I think I’m done with sluts

Monochrome Monday ~ Infidelity

Infidelity does not come from a lack of love, it comes from a lack of respect.








jack collier


some people don’t deserve any respect

Time Management ~ Get Organised

There is no such thing as managing time ~ time passes at a constant rate whether you like it or not.

You cannot manage time, but what you can manage is what you do with the time you have available ~ which probably works out at 16 hours each and every single day.  Most people need around 8 hours of good quality sleep every night ~ and going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep is the most important thing you should do with your time.

The first thing you need to know about managing what you do with the time you have available is forget just about everything you’ve ever read, heard, listened to, or watched about ‘time management’ because mostly they have been negative and told you why you don’t do things.

What you need to know about getting organised, being effective and efficient, achieving what you want to achieve, making a long-term personal difference, and being healthy and happy is:

  • Making doing what you want to do, and doing the things that make you feel happy, healthy, and wealthy, your first priority.  First make time to do the things you love.  Stop doing what other people expect you to do.
  • Make lists.  Most ‘time management’ consultants, gurus, motivational speakers will have told you that making lists is counter-productive.  That’s fashionable bullshit.  For the average person, who is likely quite disorganised, making lists is an important tool, a big step on the path to getting organised.
  • Your first priorities, the first things you should write on your very first list, are those things that keep you fit, and healthy, and help you to live longer.  These things include; sleeping 8 hours a night, cooking good food and eating slowly for 3 meals a day will take about 2 hours 20 minutes, fresh air and exercise 1 hour, breaks at work 2 x 20 minutes.  And you know what?  All that will work out at around 12 hours out of your available 24.
  • Then there are the things that you should do every week.  Work out your finances and check your budget, pay your bills, gas and clean your car, clean your home, do some yard work, do your laundry…..  The likelihood is you will do these things at the weekend, when you’re not going to work.  Because ~
  • Going to work and working all fucking day.  Say 2 x 30 minutes travelling, and 8 hours working.  And that uses up nine hours of your day, and most people have to go to work.  It’s all going to take longer if the weather is bad, or you’re feeling like shit because you got good and drunk the night before, or you’re just utterly demotivated.  But lets say all that’s 9 hours out of your 24.
  • Showering, shaving, doing your hair, getting dressed / changed before and after work, putting your clothes away or in the laundry hamper.  If you’re normally clean, tidy, well-groomed and well-dressed that’s probably going to use up an hour a day.  If you’re a slut or a slob, then why are you reading this?

Now, write all of that shit down in a list, and please use your own timings and your own must-do activities.  However, I will bet that however you customise your own and personal MUST-DO list, it will use up about 22 hours a day.  If it  doesn’t all add up to at least 20 hours a day, then you’re in denial and deluding yourself.

Those are the things that you HAVE to do to live, thrive, and survive.  You cannot not do those things, and they require fuck-all ‘time management’.  The only thing that you can possibly do is multi-task; do your personal finances at work, listen to motivational audio during your journey to work, exercise at your desk…..  and that multi-tasking needs management.  Write a list of all those things that you can do when you’re also doing something else, like being at work.

Now what you have left is between 2 and 4 hours a day ~ and that’s what you can manage.  So, write a list of what you really, really want to do, and make time for the things you love.

And that’s time management.


jack collier


what to do if your plan isn’t working

love’s nightmare incarnate

Real love begins where nothing is expected from the darkness.

devil woman

pain loneliness

alone, all, all alone

with dark dreams vivid

not repented nor atoned

darkling sensual wickedness

by the maiden, mother, crone

divine feminine sexual goddess

and yet my essential spirit is noble

in love’s incarnate nightmare darkness


jack collier


not all angels of love are good


Scenes on Sunday ~ 2019 Travels

These are the places I will be visiting this coming year.

California ~ perhaps take a road trip.


Olu Deniz in Turkey



London ~ again

jack collier


the issue is,

finding a travelling companion

the interconnectedness of agribusiness and you

Gambling with your health and well-being for the sake of more profitable hamburgers.

One of the main purposes of genetically modifying food plants such as wheat and corn is to make them resistant to a weed-killer called Roundup, which is sprayed on food crops several times in a season ~ including right before harvesting to dry the crop out.  The principal active ingredient of Roundup is a chemical called Glyphosate.  Of many lies told about glyphosate is that it was discovered by Monsanto in 1970.  In fact this nasty chemical was first patented as a descaling and chelating agent for boilers and pipes by the Stauffer Chemical Co. in 1961.  It’s a drain cleaner.

Glyphosate is a poisonous organophosphorus carcinogen.

When I was a boy, learning about farming, I was told about field rotation, (or crop rotation), which is the practice of changing what the farmer grows on any piece of land on a four-year cycle.  This prevents such nasty things as soil erosion, soil exhaustion, soil poisoning, and poor soil fertility ~ all of which lead to poor crop yields.

Modern agribusiness doesn’t practice crop rotation, instead it uses monoculture farming.  This destructive method of land use requires large amounts of artificial fertilisers and pesticides to make it work, and it leads to an unbalanced and unsustainable ecosystem.  Agribusiness in the USA does not work in harmony with the land, instead it beats the land into submission to produce larger and larger amounts of poisonous food and drink.

These are very similar farming practices to those which caused the Great Plains dust bowl of the 1930’s, except modern farming practices are far more intensive and artificial than anything dreamed of by the farmers who helped cause the Great Depression.  Today, agriculture is based on very capital-intensive heavy machinery.

If a farmer in a typical high plains farming community decides to eschew intensive chemical-based monoculture and embrace more ecologically sustainable organic agriculture, he / she is likely to be ostracised by the rest of his / her community.  Peer pressure is a powerful thing and very difficult to ignore.  Most farmers are in denial about the damage they are doing to the soil, the rivers, the sea, and the wider environment.  Not to mention the poisons they are putting into your food and drink.

These chemical fertilisers and pesticides can take decades to completely clear from the environment.  The half-life of glyphosate in soil and water is much longer than Monsanto would like to admit.  Monsanto is a German company.

Some say they would never shop at a farmers market or buy organic produce.  And some people don’t believe that intensive farming practices are killing them.  All I know is that in 1945 about 45% of American food was grown in people’s back yards.

And, by the way, probiotic drinks are very bad for your health. The live bacteria in probiotic drinks originated in cows.


jack collier

anything made with grains is bad for you

unless it’s organic, then it’s not so bad

The Inner Compass

You will find your true life path when your inner compass is steady.

Each of us has an inner compass deep within our subconscious mind, and this controls and regulates everything we do, each and every hour of every single day.  The snag is, sometimes our inner compass doesn’t point to the moral and ethical equivalent of North, and sometimes our inner compass just spins out of control.

We also have maps, models, and frameworks in our subconsciousness.  And these maps, models, and frameworks allow us to make sense of the world and our family, our partner, our work, and the all the rest of our environment.   These maps, models, and frameworks are what allows us to have any kind of a relationship with others because they help us to make sense of our body, our heart, our mind, and our spirit and intuition.  These maps, models, and frameworks are our inner world.  But, each of our inner maps are likely to be very inaccurate and incomplete, and have such helpful annotations such as; ‘Here Be Monsters’, and ‘Impassable Swamp’.  Our models and frameworks are often completely wrong too.

Our inner compass, and our maps, models and frameworks are most likely to be utterly and totally wrong when we are under intolerable stress, or have suffered from a recent, (or not so very recent), trauma.

Because we are the Captain of our own ship, trying to navigate our way through this complicated, complex, and dangerous sea of life, we need to put our maps, models, and frameworks in order, we need to find a guiding light ~ sometimes we just have to junk our existing picture of the world and life, starting again with clean sheets of paper.  We need to take our authority back to ourselves and ignore or reject all the authority that has been imposed upon us.  The patterns and authority imposed upon us is always negative and self-destructive.

We need to become the very best version of ourselves that we can, and take back our self-belief, self-confidence, and self-will.  We need to rediscover our truth and purpose, and we can never do that if we rely on outdated maps, inaccurate models, and broken frameworks.

In order to restore health and equilibrium to ourselves, to fix our broken compass, and to make new maps, models, and frameworks to help us make sense of the world we need to realise that much of what we are doing and have done falls into the realm of negativity and self-destruction.  In order to rebuild something better we need to junk the old negative ways of thinking and allow new and better into our lives.

This is easy.  This quest to become the best version of you that you can possibly be, the way to becoming the true Captain of your own ship, will just require you to work at it for every waking hour for the rest of your life.  Regaining control of your inner compass, your maps, models, and frameworks will be a never-ending story.

Some say that self-improvement and self-development books, podcasts, videos, conferences, and retreats are a waste of time.  And, some say that there is nothing at all wrong with them and the way the react to the world.  All I know is that the harder and longer I try, the better I become.


jack collier


hold true to a better Goddess

hold true to a cleaner and more positive sea

Become a Renaissance Being

The heart and soul of a Renaissance Man is creativity.

Creativity, curiosity, honesty, openness, kindness, understanding ~ these things and honour are what separates a truly superior Renaissance Man from the common herd.  There are a couple of other important attributes a superior man should possess in abundance; confidence and self-control ~ a Renaissance Man does not want, desire, nor need instant gratification to bolster his self-confidence.  The confidence of a Renaissance Man is assured and will brook no criticisms.

part-finished teardrop trailer kit

A superior man is creative and innovative, and creativity means to actually create something, if there is no physical end-product then all you are doing is daydreaming.  Almost everyone can daydream and come up with an idea or two, but few will go on to get those ideas down on paper, make a plan, and go on to create / build / make whatever it is the plan calls for, be it writing a book, creating a work of art, a boat, car, a tiny trailer, a kitchen, bathroom, or even a whole home.  Almost everyone goes no further than having an idea, they never follow through and do something tangible.  They are held back by a lack of confidence in themselves, laziness, fear, and the pressures of coping with a partner, family, friends, and coworkers.  These are excuses, not reasons.

Other reasons for not actually doing something real, for going no further than daydreaming, are; lack of money, time pressures, lack of space, not knowing how to do whatever it is they think they want to do…..  All of these are also just fucking pathetic excuses.  And then there are some other reasons people don’t do creative stuff; they drink too much, smoke too much, smoke pot, do street drugs, take too many unnecessary prescription and over-the-counter medications, gamble, spend too much time looking for cheap sex in bars……

Perhaps to be truly creative you first have to put your life in order.  It’s a fallacy that booze and drugs will help your creativity ~ all those things will do is help you daydream, right up to the point where you pass out.

Creative living and creativity is available to all of us  But how do we energise our creative abilities?

  • Do something, even if it’s just baby steps.  Make a start on your project, even if it’s just writing down your ideas. Get out of your comfort zone.  Pick up whatever tools you need to work on your project, from a hammer, to a brush, to a tablet.
  • Mindfullness.  Be aware of ourselves, be aware of our environment, be in the moment.
  • Fresh air, exercise, sunshine, movement in nature.  Get off your ass and take some physical activity to energise your body.  Most office workers do not move nearly enough during the day, and then they go home, sit on the sofa, and drink some booze in front of the TV.
  • Stop taking yourself too seriously.  Reawaken the inner child.  Be prepared to make mistakes. Be playful.

Some say that serious people don’t have time to waste on being creative.  And, that being mindful is just a ‘new-age’ gimmick.  All I know is that a really cool Renaissance Man creates his own reality.


jack collier

get out into nature

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