It isn’t easy being a bear


aggressive, angry, argumentative, selfish, lustful and crushing

a bear can be manly and bad, in the end that will make him sad

agreeable, cordial, obliging, polite, sociable, giving and loving

eventually, if he reforms like a good little bear, he will be glad


P1010720words and pictures by jack collier

moine guerrier, esprit universel


Gallipoli 25th April 1915

The Gallipoli Campaign was an heroic disaster.  On 25th April 1915 landings were made on six beaches at Anzac Cove and Cape Helles.  The Lancashire Fusiliers suffered 600 casualties out of a strength of 1,000 men on that day.  Six awards of the Victoria Cross were made to the Lancashires before breakfast.  The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps suffered so many casualties that April 25th is celebrated as Anzac Day.


If I should die, think only this of me:

That there’s some corner of a foreign field

That is forever England.



jack collier

esprit universel

In Dreams


I dream of when I moved with you

and you moved against me too

I kissed the skin below your neck

and felt the heat of your back

and your breath was one with mine

as strong and sweet as honey wine

and even then I knew

from your eyes of deepest blue

true love could never be mine with you


Aphrodite-boticelliwords and photograph by jack collier

moine guerrier, esprit universel


all love ends in sorrow

that is joy’s cruelty

there is not always tomrorrow

and that is duality




First Northern Lapwing from China

In the County Palatine a peewit

for their plaintive cry

tottering tumbling flight

vast flocks nesting in the night


jack collier

there are no honest women

never explain

never apologise

and never tell the absolute truth to a woman

she will argue that night is day and black is white


If you are in love, never ever, even think the truth about her

all women kissed a hell of a lot of frogs before they found their prince

just hope you aren’t another frog


princess_frogjack collier

moine guerrier

Mister Hyde

Black Dog

you know I have a darker side

and you call him Mr Hyde

you could not confide as I lied

all you could do was hide

while you cried away your pride

when love between us died

and I triumphed.


jack-the-ripperjack collier

moine guerrier, esprit universel

Davor Radic



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