Not All Bankers Are Crooks

Another day, another banking scandal


Back in the day, bankers were honest, reliable, respected members of the community.

Disgraced Co-Op Chairman Paul Flowers At 2010 Downing Street EventThose days have gone.  Bankers seem to be viewed with much the same opprobrium as crooked politicians and snake-oil salesmen.  This is not surprising, given the litany of banking scandals caused by bullying, lying, dishonest, philandering, drug-addicted, senior bankers and traders.  As exemplars of this kind of contemptible man one need look no further than Bob Diamond, Paul Flowers and Fred Goodwin.

What is surprising is that so few of these people have been arrested by the old bill, taken to trial, and wound up in jail.  One can only assume that these men in high places have friends in high places.  Wall Street and the City of London seem to offer sanctuary to the rich and powerful.

The list goes on an on; LIBOR, HSBC, tax scams, money laundering, StanChart, RBS, PPI, Barclays, Derivatives, Citigroup, Hedge Funds, Deutsche, ICAP, UBS, JPMorgan…

Trader; can we lower our [Libor] fixings today…  Primary; what it worth…  Trader; i’m like a whores drawers…  (This exchange from the Libor fixing.)

When I started my career as a banker in the City of London, there was one dictum; ‘My word is my bond.’  These days most bankers wouldn’t know honour, honesty, ethics, altruism or spirituality if you hit them over the head with it.


If you have ever been unlucky enough to have your world collide with the world of banking and finance, then I feel sorry for you.  You will most likely have lost a great deal of money and self-respect.  This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.  George Bailey must be turning in his grave.


jack collier

Just Walk Away

Never fall in love


Steps descend to a broken heart

inorganic impermanence of love

against the unrelenting tide



words and pictures by jack collier

Global Warming Theft

Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change is a LIE

red dawn

The thieves, kleptocrats, marxists, dictators, and mass murderers who populate the United Nations have come up with a new way to abuse their power.  You know what?  The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, (UNFCCC), gives Luddites a bad name.

Even the Chairman if the UN Intergovernmental Panel oc Climate Change, (IPCC), has admitted that their mission is a religion, a cult.

We have no reason to think climate change is harmful.  Most places are better off being warmer than cooler. ~ Freeman Dyson

There are a number of easily understood techniques which the global warming acolytes have been using to create pubic disquiet and panic, based on a political and  scientific crusade that has nothing to do with real science.

Anyone can prove anything if they resort to bent science;

  • Creating a moral / scientific crusade and panic is an effective way to generate funding.  The fact that the public good will be damaged matters nothing when money is at stake.
  • Fervent proclamations under the guise of science will increase the grand scale of the panic.
  • Real science and the search for truth escalates into an attack on a huge, hidden, non-existent threat.
  • The Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change lobby has done this through ‘authoritative’ opinion, black propaganda, misinformation, and downright lies.

The point of the latest insane ‘negotiation text’ from the UNFCCC is designed to force developed nations, (Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the USA), to pay for all of their carbon emissions since 1750 A.D.  This is nothing more than turning Karl Marx’s theories into a UN policy for effecting the confiscation and transfer of gigantic amounts of the planet’s overall wealth.

Wind_turbinesYou think gas and electricity bills are high now?  You haven’t seen anything yet.  Wind Power is such a good idea, or not.  Probably not.


words and pictures by jack collier


California Sunset

 One hundred and nineteen degrees west


Sunrise over England

Sunset eighteen hours forty-four later

My eyes see one and hers the other

I am cold and she is sunned



words and pictures by jack collier

Damage Your Mental Health ~ Smoke

Smokers suffer from high levels of depression and anxiety


These days more women than men smoke cigarettes, (leaving aside blue collar working men).

We all know that smoking damages your physical health.  A study of more than 200,000 people found that two-thirds of smokers will die from the habit.  There are no safe levels of smoking.

It’s a real concern that the devastation caused by smoking may be even greater than we previously thought. ~ Cancer Research UK

Turns out it damages your mental health too.  Researchers at Washington University say that the nicotine in tobacco can trigger psychiatric disorders, or make them worse.

Smokers are more likely to commit suicide than those who never take up the nasty habit.  Levels of anxiety and depression among smokers are 70% higher than for non-smokers.  The good news is that quitting smoking could help combat symptoms of these debilitating illnesses.

Quitting smoking could be the key to improving not only your physical health, but your mental health too. ~ Professor Robert West

Breakfast at Tiffany'sLadies, you may think that a couple of cigarettes doesn’t give you bad breath and make your clothes smell.  Ladies, trust a guy who has dated the occasional smoker, you stink.  One cigarette is enough to overpower your perfume.  Kissing a smoker on the mouth is fairly unpleasant.

The only woman who ever looked cool with a cigarette was Audrey Hepburn.  And, Ladies, unless you are that cool and beautiful, a cigarette in your hand or mouth makes you look like a slut.

Feeling anxious.  Do not reach for a cigarette, it will only make things worse.

There is a belief from many smokers that smoking reduces anxiety and stress, which is in turn causing many smokers to put off quitting.  Yet, instead of aiding people to relax, smoking increases anxiety and tension. ~ Dr. Mike Knapton

Feeling a little nervous and unsure of yourself, then stop smoking and things will get better.

Quitting smoking reduces depression, anxiety and stress, and improves positive mood and quality of life.

It would seem that if you really DO NOT want to be healthy in mind and body, if you DO NOT want to lead a spiritual life, and you DO NOT want to make the most of your potential, then pick up another cigarette.

smokerLook like a tart.  Suffer from mental health problems. Always feel tense and stressed.  Ladies, smoke cigarettes.

jack collier

Sunrise Seascape

The goddess of all beauty


Believe in her as

she rises from the waves

all men are her slaves



words and pictures by jack collier

Why Men Are Useless in Bed

Some men are hopeless lovers

Bad sex

Some feelings are disturbing, both for ourselves and for those around us.  The feeling that you are not a good lover can seriously hurt a guy.  The feeling that you are God’s gift to sex when you’re not can seriously upset your partners.

sleeping-with-makeupBut, and let’s be honest, men have some problems when it comes to lovemaking.  The worst of these problems is women.  Women can be fickle.  Women won’t always tell you what they want.  A lot of the time women don’t know what they want.  But, if you are suffering from woman problems, the chances are she is not really into you anyhow.

Remember, women are people too.  Women are not just sex objects.  If that’s all you want, then get  a blow-up sex doll.  If you are dating a real woman then talk with her.  Your bedroom is not the set of a porn movie.

The main problem guys have when it comes to hot sex is that a man can be over and done in a minute.  That doesn’t even give her time to think about getting into it with you.  Helping a woman to a hard orgasm takes time, patience, and skill.  There is a time and place for banging her, but not every single time.  And, falling asleep immediately afterward is quite likely to annoy your partner, a little.

drunk-manSometimes women suffer sex, don’t get turned on, wish it was over or they were somewhere else.  Usually this is because you are disgusting.  You smell, want her in positions she hates, you grunt, you call her by the wrong name, you’re drunk, you wipe yourself on her best bed linen, you trash her bathroom, you snore like a pig, your breath stinks.  Or, if she comes back to your place, and she wants to turn around and walk out because you live like a pig, the lovemaking will be bad.  If you ever invite a woman back to your place then have a clean bathroom and fresh bed-linen.  Trust me, the extra effort is worth it.

CASUAL-SEXIf you want to be a good lover then practice some basic hygiene.  Learn how to be considerate.  Learn how to really talk with women.  Don’t get blasted and expect her to enjoy your beer-breath.

Most importantly of all, learn how to kiss.  When you have just met a woman she does not want your tongue pushed into her mouth.  Slobbering all over a woman is usually not a turn-on for her.  Even if all a woman wants from you is meaningless sex, at least learn how to be good at it.  But, if all she wants is meaningless sex, the chances are she is a slut, so all of the above does not apply.  If you pick up girls in bars, and they have first date sex with you, none of the above applies either.


jack collier


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