Sunrise, Sunset

From the sun rising in England, to the sun setting in California.






if you don’t love someone, then none of it really matters, but when you do, even the sunset is better.

Carson City

If, like me, you were brought up on a diet of John Wayne Westerns, with a dash of Gary Cooper and Errol Flynn thrown in, then Carson City sounds like a one horse mining town at the end of a dusty stagecoach ride.

You know what?  Driving through Carson City still feels like being in a place where the sherrif has to watch his back.  Carson City is a town where you put the top up on your Mustang and lock the doors.


I had a cheerful trip down to Carson… crossing the divide between Silver City and Spring Valley…  I felt a mighty inclination to party somewhere.  ~  Mark Twain.


Carson City is on the California one-ten, and if you have sense you will take that fast on the toll lanes and never drive through downtown Carson.

We’ll give him a fair trial, and then we’ll hang him legal…


I was happy that the girl riding shotgun scores a solid 10 on the being intimidating scale.


On a good day, I could pass for Gary Cooper, maybe…


Cooperpictures by

the girl riding shotgun

loves light waves





sibilant soft silverness

tumescent foaming whiteness

exquisite ethereal lightness

of brilliant Venus

torments my sad

devotion to the hopelessness

of honest love’s caress

by a sinless silent sea





P1030584words and pictures by jack collier

it’s raining in my heart



blue sky shining above

sun plays its part

baby cloud and mountain view

but it’s not raining,

raining in my heart

just because of your

endless love



Aphroditewords and pictures by jack collier

Food on Friday # 12 Side Dishes

It’s all very well having a great entrée, but a roast is nothing without its accompaniments.

These lemon parmesan green beans from Damn Delicious look as though they will grace any menu.

lemon, parmesan, greenbeans

I like Chungah An’s recipes, and I think these garlic ranch mashed potatoes will go well with any roast meats.  Being a traditional English chap I do like my roast beef…

mashed potatoes

rosemary-parmesan-sweet-potatoSweet potatoes are good, but I run out of ideas when it comes to cooking them.  From Cookie + kate there’s this rosemary parmesan sweet potato, and this looks a lot better than my usual sweet potato recipe.

Cookie + kate have also posted another bunch of holiday side dishes in 16 healthy Thanksgiving side dishes.

And, let me say once again, Thanksgiving is an American holiday. We don’t have Thanksgiving in England, nor anything remotely like it.

It looks like my American friends have a new taste for brussels sprouts.  Perhaps it’s another Thanksgiving thing.  Englishmen really only ever eat sprouts on Christmas Day, but this recipe for slow cooker balsamic brussels sprouts could well change my mind about that.

balsamic sprouts

IMPORTANT TIP:  brussels sprouts are much better after the frost has gotten to them.  Buy frozen rather than spending extra for fresh on the stalk.

I’m not certain I’ve ever eaten eggplant, but this roasted eggplant fan given to us by Cooking Without Limits makes me want to try it, but with bacon added to the recipe!!!

eggplant fan

I’ve been looking for a good recipe for roasted root / winter vegetables, which I believe are an essential side dish to go on a loaded table.  Add to that, this is a really easy dish to make while you’re busy with other things.  These cider vinaigrette roasted root vegetables are from a site I haven’t featured before ~ Simply Recipes, (aka Elise).


Enjoy preparing these dishes as part of your holiday meals!

Islamic Terrorism

BearSome decent, honest, and hardworking people are bewildered.  What is behind all of these terrorist attacks?  Why were so many people brutally murdered on an ordinary Friday night in Paris?  Why is half the civilised world bombing targets in the Middle East?

Some decent, honest, and hardworking people don’t know the half of it.

9-11Islamic terrorists were responsible for the attack on the twin towers in New York, and the Pentagon in Washington, on September 11th 2001 when 2,979 innocent people died, and countless numbers were injured.  Islamic terrorists were responsible for the suicide bomb attacks in central London on July 7th 2005, when 52 innocent people were killed and over 700 were injured.


On October 31st this year Islamic terrorists planted a bomb aboard a Russian airliner, bringing it down with the death of all 224 souls aboard.  ISIS exhulted over this in their sick ‘in-house’ magazine.

The death toll from the savage terrorist murders in Paris has risen to 132, with many more injured.  Since then two three Islamic terrorists died and eight were captured when French police commandos assaulted an apartment in the run-down Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis.  Assault and explosive police dog Diesel was also killed during the raid.

A Jewish history teacher has been stabbed in the French city of Marseille by 3 men professing their support for the Islamic State.  They showed the teacher a picture of Mohamed Merah, an Islamic terrorist, who murdered 7 people in France in 2012.  Three schoolchildren were among those killed by Merah.

Five Syrian men have been arrested in Honduras while attempting to travel to the USA on passports stolen in Greece.  ISIS has threatened to bomb New York and Washington.  A survey of Texas voters says that Texans think immigration and foreign terrorist groups, such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, comprise the greatest threat to the United States

About 750 British Moslems have travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight, and some 450 have since returned to England, with presumed military skills.

Most Moslems are decent, honest, hardworking people, but there is a murderous, vicious, barbarian, stone-age streak among them which wants death to all infidels and the establishment of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate subject only to the Koran and Sharia Law.

Learned people will spend years and write millions of words trying to find reasons and explanations for savage atrocities committed by Islamic extremists.  They needn’t bother.   In case anyone is in doubt, Islamic extremists are a global threat, and their Jihad is all about religion.

Islamic terrorism is all about religion.


Perfectionism & Procrastination

Procrastination is a sin in youth.  Perfectionism is a nasty habit in maturity.  Trust me, I know.  From time to time I have been guilty of these and many more sins, character defects, and nasty habits….


Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand. ~ Thomas Carlyle.


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.  So throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbour.  Catch the trade wind in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.  ~  Mark Twain.


Too late, I found you can’t wait to become perfect, you got to go out and fall down and get up with everybody else.  ~  Ray Bradbury


There is no such thing as a hopeless situation.  Every single circumstance of your life can change.  ~ Rhonda Bryne


P1020817pictures by

jack collier

& the girl riding shotgun

Strategic Bombers Hit ISIS

Tu-95 Bear ~ (with escorting NATO Typhoon)


In response to the downing of a Russian airliner flying tourists out of Sharm el-Sheikh by Islamic terrorists, Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed long range strategic bombers to attack ISIS targets in Syria.

Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said; We are conducting a mass airstrike against Islamic State targets in Syria.  We have now doubled the number of sorties, which is allowing us to conduct operations throughout the length and breadth of the country…

The Russian heavy bombers involved are; Bears, (Tu-95), Blackjacks, (Tu-160), and Backfires, (Tu22).  These aircraft are roughly equivalent to the US Airforce B52, B-1B Lancer, and F-111 Aardvark.

These are very heavy hammers indeed, capable of delivering everything from tons of dumb iron bombs to precision guided munitions and cruise missiles.  All by itself, using conventional dumb iron bombs, the Russian heavy bomber fleet is capable of reducing Syria to a desolate plain, where not a single building is left standing.

The snag is, lessons from history tell us that carpet bombing is politically unacceptable.  The challenge for the leaders of the civilised world is to find the strategy and tactics which will allow them to use their overwhelming military superiority to defeat the Islamic threat, without killing thousands of innocent women and children.

Although President Obama has not yet ordered the BUFFs into the air, there will be huge strategic aircraft flying over the Middle East tonight.



Daughters of the Night


Aurora Goddess of the Dawn

Hesperus the Evening Star

the radiance of Venus splendor

discovered in gentle beams

love’s cherished eventide falls

upon intimate twilight dreams





words and pictures by jack collier

California Route 74

It’s begins in Palm Springs, and it’s mostly called the Pines to Palms Scenic Byway, and Californian Freeway Drivers wouldn’t believe that a road like this exists.  Parts of California Route 74 remind me of Italy.  But then, for the most part California isn’t that much like Italy.


This is one time that a manual gearbox is a good idea in California ~ who wants an auto slush-pump anyway?



Should you ever happen to be driving California Route 74, stop at Paradise Corner.  They make a great burger and serve a good selection of cool beers.  The key to the restroom is a hoot.


If you find yourself here, I guarantee that you will have said hello to a cute biker chick.


Idyllwild Scrap Dragon


by jack collier

& the girl riding shotgun

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