Booze Contains Calories

beerMy slightly overweight friend is bemoaning his lack of success when it comes to losing a few pounds.  He says he is eating better, taking more exercise, and has stopped drinking beer at home.  I know he hasn’t stopped drinking beer, lager and cider when he is having a night out with the lads, and I suspect he has swapped wine for beer when it comes to drinking at home.

a-obese-wWhile beer may be extremely bad when it comes to the bloated beer belly look, all alcohol contains huge amounts of calories.  In fact, pure alcohol contains the same amount of calories as pure fat.  If you regularly drink alcohol you are consuming the same amount of calories as if you regularly ate cake.

The proper name for a beer belly is abdominal obesity, and it’s caused by dangerous amounts of excess abdominal fat.  And yes, the sudden hit of sugars and calories in beer is immediately turned into fat and the human body stores this excess fat around the gut.  A big beer belly isn’t attractive and puts one at a higher risk of all kinds of nasty illnesses from diabetes to a stroke.

When it comes to excess calories the worst drinks are beer, lager and cider, partly because we drink the stuff by the pint / bottle / can.

An Imperial Pint, (20 oz), of premium lager contains 250 calories.

A glass of wine has 160 calories in it and a bottle about 700.

A measure of spirits contains 60 calories, (1/6 Imperial gill, 25 oz).  At home people typically pour about 1/2 a gill of spirits into their glass which is 180 calories ~ plus the mixer.  A 7.5 oz can of coke contains 90 calories.  Your evening tipple could contain 240 calories, which is a big chunk of your recommended daily intake ~ and that big chunk has no real food value in it at all.

alcoholic-latina-womanIn the UK there is a recommended maximum weekly intake of alcohol, for women that is 21 units, (about 1 glass of wine per day).  That equates to about 1500 calories per week.  No drinker I know drinks that little.

Generally, the recommended daily intake of calories is 2500 for a man and 2000 for a woman, (depending upon age, height, activity levels, etc.).

If you are only an average drinker, then you are consuming a big chunk of your required daily calories in the form of booze, which is not beneficial to your body whatsoever.

Alcohol is insidious stuff ~ there is no food value in it at all, (although the other stuff in your drink may have some food value).  Typically alcohol makes one hungry because it lowers one’s blood sugar.  Not only are you having excess calories in the booze, you then make it worse by ordering a pizza.

In the past I drank to excess, and I know what booze can do to the human body.  Booze will make you unfit, unhealthy and unwell.  Too much booze will kill you, and it isn’t a nice way to go.


Complete Honesty

The truth is rarely pure and never simple.  Oscar Wilde, The Importance of being Earnest

liarShould one always tell the truth?  Do you always tell the truth to your partner?  The whole truth, without hesitation, deviation or prevarication?  Or, like most of the people on this planet are you sometimes guilty of little white lies, lies of omission, and outright bare-faced lies?

It isn’t the truth unless it’s the whole truth, and a secret is the next thing to an outright lie.

Some say that it’s easier to tell the truth to a complete stranger than it is to your partner.  And, that what they don’t know can’t hurt them.  All I know is that all lies are discovered eventually, and every discovered lie takes away trust.  Doing things in the dark doesn’t hide them forever.

I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Telling the truth isn’t easy.  Telling the entire, and completely honest truth needs trust and commitment.

Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it. ~ Mark Twain

Telling the ‘Honest to God’ truth is akin to opening a Pandora’s box.  One never knows what we are going to discover once the box is open.  There may be things in your past that you would rather not admit to.  There may be things in your past you think your partner would never understand.  Whatever is in your past will come to light eventually, so why not be truthful?   Yeah right, never in a million years.


My girl wants to know about me.  She has asked to know my secrets and innermost thoughts.  She wants to know what drives me, makes me tick, makes me who I am…

I can’t tell her any of that without telling her the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  This requires a huge leap of faith on both our parts.  But, because this is something she really needs and wants from me I have to take that leap of faith without asking anything in return.  Her trust and happiness will be reward enough.

regretOr, the things I may tell her could drive us apart.  Yet I will tell her the truth, without hesitation, deviation or prevarication.  They say confession is good for the soul.  She will have my complete honesty.  So, help me God.


Mr. Hyde

Black Dog

full moon invites

darkness delights

young painted harlot

my prey tonight

sliver moon bright

steel gently bites

poor girl fights

struggle excites

spare the slice

no death in a trice

faints in fright

pays the price

terrors suffice

hard rape ensues

it is my right

this black night


“But half of me, deserves everything he gets”…


For some reason this poem resonates with me today. Anyhow, I like eyewillnotcry.

Originally posted on Eye Will Not Cry:



He’s found a way to live…
Devoid of all emotion…

A simple trick of the mind…
Sets the wheels in motion…

Locking it all away…
Preventing any tears…

That would flood his eyes…
If he remembered all the years…

The good times and the bad…
All his stupid mistakes…

On the road that he has travelled…
The decisions that he’s made…

In the search of some distraction…
Whilst hiding in plain sight…

But distorting his reality…
Under cover of the night…

Where he becomes another…
Assumes that personality…

The one that he keeps hidden…
So no one else can see…

Like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde…
At the flick of a switch…

Sees a quick transformation…
Like a spell cast by a witch…

Turning to the dark side…
Tuning into evil thoughts…

Listening to the demons…
Forgetting all he’s been taught…

And living in the shadows…
Searching for like minds…

Those who understand him…

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Food on Friday #4

Some say that the recipes I’ve posted are a little complicated and time consuming.  And, that I should concentrate on easier food for a while.  All I know is that I can only post recipes from the blogs I follow.

Starting this week with a really simple dish.

Heirloom-Tomato-Toast-1Heirloom Tomato Toast

and I love   Spicy Garlic Prawns


and for breakfast ~ oats  (not for me thank you)

if you want to spend time making a great rice, try


Finally for this week, something on apple cider vinegar, which a friend of mine introduced into my shopping list.  Not the best tasting stuff but an excellent addition to your dietary routine.  You need to buy unfiltered and organic.


Tears of a Fool


She says I never once understood

never thought of adoration

couldn’t show devotion

I didn’t really care

I didn’t love her


I would cry

if I really cared

I would be in despair

I would know utter dejection

despondency, pain, my blood runs cold


back to a bottle of booze, solace in solitary silence


P1010853words and pictures by jack collier

private comments:

Sex Dating Agencies

The Ashley Madison debacle has been on my mind for a little while, and despite many misgivings I am going to tell you what I know about dating agencies.  To leave no doubt in your mind, the upscale Ashley Madison dating service was and is a sex site for adulterers looking to sleep around.

ashleylogoAll on-line dating agencies are sex sites designed to appeal to those who want to sleep around, and / or view amateur pornographic photographs, (usually these are selfshot).  A vanishingly small percentage of the membership of these sites are looking for friendship or a real relationship, and none of those are straight men.

Let me make myself clear, I was a member of a downscale, very sexual dating site for a while.  To begin with, I deluded myself by saying it was research for my writing, and to begin with it may have been.  However, being a man with normal appetites, I soon found myself enmeshed in a web of sleaze.

girl_self shotThere are some things a man should be aware of.  Many, many of the female profiles on these dating sites are totally false.  Of the real female profiles, almost all of the women are very damaged goods.  No responsible woman in her right mind really wants to whore herself on-line.  And, women, don’t kid yourself ~ all of the men who contact you see you as a slut at best and a whore at worst.

Let me reiterate, a large percentage of the female profiles on dating sites are completely false.  Message one of these non-existent women and you will get an automated rejection within seconds.  Setting up a fake profile is easy for the site operators, maintaining the fiction is hopelessly difficult and pointless. Once you have joined the site and paid your money the operator doesn’t give a fig if you find a match or not.

Sexy-Female-RobotsFor a man, membership of all of these sites is expensive, something outside of one’s normal budget.  If all you want is amateur pornography, self shot tit / ass / pussy pictures, then join twitter and the other social networking sites.  You will soon find women willing to explore their sexuality with you for free.  You will even find women who are willing to fulfil whatever fetish you have ~ I went through a period where my particular fetish was to watch women smoking, so I know what I’m talking about.  Robot sex may be harder to find ~ (actually I’ve just checked and it isn’t hard to find at all).

exasperated-womanFor women.  Join just one of these sites and your profile will be splashed over half a dozen sites without anyone asking your permission.  There are only a couple of underlying databases, and once your details are on the database, then all of the sites who use that database will start pushing your profile.  You are a real woman, and these sites don’t have enough real women.  Any men who contact you will be as dumb as a rock at best, and a troll / pervert at worst.  Don’t expect to meet a gentleman.  Reply to any messages, and you will be bombarded with salacious messages and requests for intimate photographs.  (I have this on very good authority, from a very close female friend.)

Some good matches are made with the help of these on-line dating sites.  Miracles do happen and the million-to-one shot comes in a winner every time.

If you have ever used one of these sites, then sooner or later everyone you know will have seen your photographs, and probably your complete profile.  There is NO privacy on the internet, and you have no redress, no matter how many times your intimate pictures are copied and reposted.  Do not fool yourself into thinking your pictures cannot be downloaded by a troll ~ I can download any picture you post on the internet, so it’s just as well I am not a troll or a pervert.  Anything you post on-line is automatically in the public domain.  Don’t say you have not been warned.

A strong word of caution ~ never booze and use the internet if you have your credit cards easily available.

I have used an on-line dating service, for one month, and I never met anyone for sex or had sex-chat on-line.  I got disgusted with myself long before the month was up.  I hope my partner forgives me for that.  It was long before I met her ~ besides I also know about everything she has ever done on-line.  I can’t say I’m very happy about some of it.  Staring at the sea and crying helps me a little.


Dances Without Music

Spooky Cat

dancing in the darkness

dancing with madness

exploring past promises

sensual love incarnate

roughness tastes loveliness

eyes see forbidden desires

chooses night magic

contentment in cruelty

prancing with no music




words by jack collier

stock pictures and by jack collier

She Comes


tonight she comes

she travels the world

and now she comes

once more foaming curled

again and again she comes

fast and often she comes

and tonight she comes hard


words and pictures by jack collier

Tears are Salty


tell me that your love is true

tell me that I may love you

tell me I may trust in your arms

tell me you give me your charms

tell me true love never dies

tell me pretty little lies


P1010716words and pictures by jack collier

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